6 Figure Trader 3 Day Bootcamp Starts:









Live Training Date October 18-19


6-Figure Trader Overview


What Students Have To Say About 6-Figure Trader

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6 Figure Trader Master Training

Professional Online Training ~ 2 Days Live Class ~ 12 Mos. Of Coaching


  • Includes everything in the LIVE Training

  • Level 1 TrainingĀ 

  • 6 Figure Trading -"Nuts & Bolts"Ā 

  • Live Trading Examples

  • LevelĀ  1 Position Management

  • Level 1 Risk ManagementĀ 

  • Level 1 Money Management

  • Design Your Trade Plan

  • Level 2 Training

  • 8 Energies Of The Market

  • Level 2 Market Analysis

  • Trend Trading Part 1 & 2

  • Level 3 Training

  • Tax PlanningĀ 

  • Tax Strategies

  • Options Strategy

  • Futures Training

  • ...Much More

Day 1

  • 4 Different kinds of TRADERS

  • Stocks, Commodities, Futures, Option, Forex

  • Identifying the different markets

  • How To Analyze The Market

  • Identify Entry/Exits for yourself & clients

  • Market Structure & Chart Work

  • 2 Major & 6 Minor Trade Set-Ups

  • Computer & Chart Setup

  • Indicators—Do’s & Don’t

  • Custom Indicator Review

  • Open Live TRADE (demo)

  • Chart Examples

  • Position Management

  • Futures Contracts

Day 2

  • Close overnight TRADE

  • Open a new TRADE

  • Live Trading & Chart work

  • Position Management Pt 2

  • Scanning the Market

  • Finding Setups in the Markets

  • Risk Management

  • Psychology & Mindset

  • Profits & Losses

  • Money Management

  • Orders Entries & Exist

  • Stop Orders & Trailing Stops

  • Brokerage Platforms

  • Putting it all together

  • Close open TRADE

  • Q & A

12 Mos. Coaching

  • Live weekly ZOOM call

  • Review Watchlist

  • Review active trades

  • Review new trades

  • Review StocksĀ 

  • Review Commodities

  • Review Forex

  • Review Joe's weekly chart work

  • Review student's weekly chart work

  • Futures opportunities

  • Options opportunities

  • Stock opportunities

  • and much more...

There are 2 live 6-Figure Trader events per year. Choose May or October.

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6 Figure Trader 3 Day Bootcamp Starts:









""As a Financial Advisor, I recommend this training to better serve your clients. Plus adding another stream of income from the industry you are already working in"

Financial Advisor, Ohio

"As a Financial Advisor, I took the Six Figure Trader class hoping to learn trading for my personal benefit. The information and insights I gained from the class are well worth the investment. However, the unexpected bonus I found from this class was that the concepts and methodologies I have learned translate over to the conversations I have with my existing clients and new prospects. I strongly believe that I now have a competitive advantage over other Advisors in my area."

Financial Advisor, Florida

"I was a bit worried about taking the class due to the initial cost, but i could not be happier that i chose to go through with it. I think this may be one of the best decisions i have made."

Financial Advisor, Texas

"I took the Six Figure Trader class hoping to learn trading methodologies and strategies to use in my personal trading accounts. To my surprise, I not only have a great trading system but this has helped me embrace markets in away that my clients benefit dramatically. I am no more relying on my gut or 3rd party money mangers."

Financial Advisor, Indiana

"As a woman advisor, I have always looked for things that could give me an edge in the marketplace. I took the training hoping to do that and boy was I surprised gaining more that expected. I not alone gained an edge but now have additional income stream from the stock market. I have been investing clients money for year but had no idea how to really invest for myself. I have always relied on 3rd party money managers to do the investing for my clients. I realized this wasn't the best idea and so that's why I took the training. This training has empowered me to do better for my clients and make additional income. "

Financial Advisor, Kansas

"I finally found a real trading system. I have been so frustrated over the last couple years trying to learn how to profitably trade. I would gain money then turn around a give it back. I would buy a new trading system that promised great results but would just be another let down. The 6 Figure Trader was a God send. I actually learned how to trade! You just simply follow the rules. Joe could double his prices and it would be worth every penny!"

Financial Advisor, North Carolina