Joe and Candice Casey

Joe & Candice Casey are the founders of Catalyst Wealth Coaching.  The Caseys have built and sold eight businesses.  Together they form a power packed combination that you can leverage for your lifestyle and business. 

Joe and Candice sold their financial practice in February 2020.  After fifteen years of leading their clients in successful retirement planning, they are now leading elite professionals in transforming their mindset, lifestyle, wealth, and future. 

Joe earned a Theology degree from Valor Christian College, Joe went on to complete postgraduate work at Ohio State University and Kaplan University, where he earned a business degree. He is a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) with the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, which required coursework in a broad range of financial subjects. Recently, Joe went back to school at MIT where he studied blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.  He is a licensed insurance professional and Financial Advisor.

Candice graduated from Valor Christian College, Candice went on to complete postgraduate work at Kaplan University.   She is a licensed insurance professional. 

The Caseys have a unique perspective on life and business. They have been entrepreneurs collectively for over thirty years.  Today they use that experience to lead individuals and business owners in balancing life and work while achieving their goals.  Joe has an entrepreneurial outlook and is a visionary, a creative marketer, and a technical wiz.  Candice has a pragmatic approach that shoots straight to the bottom line, carries an objective outlook, is a master wordsmith, and has a warm and charming southern personality. 



Our Story

Candice and I grew up in different parts of the country but met each other in Columbus, Ohio.  I grew up in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia in small town Logan, WV.   Candice grew up in Chattanooga, TN and is a true southern belle.  My first business experience was in the sixth grade.  I took over a newspaper route delivering papers to the community.   I had an edge over the other paper delivery guys.  My dad had bought a three-wheeler in the early eighties when three-wheelers had first come out.  This new technology (three-wheeler) gave me speed and efficiency, as those mountains were tough to navigate on foot or bike.  I was able to deliver all of the newspapers by 5 pm and the people loved it.   The community was previously used to getting their papers late in the evening at various times or sometimes not at all.  My paper route grew and grew.  I recognized at a young age that God had put a hunger and desire in my heart to help people.  I knew that if I would commit to do the right things and work hard, God would do His part and put opportunities in front of me.  I continued with that belief and built a significant lawn care business in my hometown of Logan just before leaving for college.    


At twenty years-old I moved to Columbus, Ohio to attend college.  Shortly after starting college, I launched a communications company that ranked in the top ten of six thousand retailers and had employed over three hundred individuals.  I went on to own franchised restaurants, multilevel marketing businesses, an alarm company, a custom home building company, and a wealth management firm.   

I met my lovely wife when she applied for a job at my communications company.  It was undeniably love at first sight.  We became best friends and married a few months later on July 26th, 2002. After graduating from Valor Christian College in 2003, Candice went on to do post-graduate studies at both Hondros Business College and Kaplan University. Candice was a leader in our communications company and co-founder & owner of our custom home building company where she negotiated real estate purchases and sales as a Realtor. Candice also co-founded our wealth management firm and worked many years alongside me there as business owner and financial professional. 

We have three wonderful kids who are a huge part of the culture at Catalyst. First, our oldest son, Will who already works in our creative department and is a stellar trader using the strategies we teach. Next, our beautiful niece, Greenlee, who balances out our boys and will be studying psychology as she also works as an administrative assistant at Catalyst. And, last, but never least, our youngest son, Ben, who homeschools and travels with us as we do live events and work with business owners around the globe.   

Candice and I sold our wealth management firm in February 2020. If hindsight is truly 20/20, we had perfect timing.  We took some time off during the pandemic to build out the programs that we bring to you now through Catalyst Wealth Coaching.  This is what we live to do. This is our hobby, this is our passion, this is our calling. This is everything!  Today we live each moment to its fullest.  Our greatest ambition is to serve people we love to be around.  

"Working with Joe has changed my life. I’m only 2 months away from debt-free!"

- Martin 

"Last year, I was 49 with no retirement savings. Thanks to Joe, I’m now financially on track."

- Bill 

"From buried in debt to living the life of my dreams, Thank you, Joe!"

- Susan 

Why I Do It

Financial literacy is not a term I ever heard growing up. While my parents did their best to provide for our family, they lived paycheck to paycheck most of their lives. Seeing my family struggle inspired me to aim higher and strive for wealth mastery. But despite my best efforts, earlier on I still found myself running into the common financial problems like debt, lack of savings, taxes, indecision, bad decisions, financial chaos, just being unfamiliar with how money truly worked.  

Once I understood how money worked, I became debt-free and built a thriving business.  I realized that the methods I used could help others like me who wanted the same but didn’t grow up with the framework to make it happen. So, I made it my mission to help as many people as possible create healthy financial habits and a better life for themselves and their families.   



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