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"Accelerate your success as a financial advisor with the 6-Figure Trader course. Discover the secrets to making six-figure trades and unlocking your full potential. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this action-packed webinar is designed to help you reach your goals. Learn how to identify the moves of the "smart money" institutions, generate a secondary source of income, and stay ahead of market trends with our highly acclaimed program. Invest in your future and join the ranks of top financial advisors today."

6 Figure Trader Training Details

2 Days Of Comprehensive Training + Coaching

Day 1

  • 4 Different kinds of TRADERS

  • Stocks, Commodities, Futures, Option, Forex

  • Identifying the different markets

  • How To Analyze The Market

  • Identify Entry/Exits for yourself & clients

  • Market Structure & Chart Work

  • 2 Major & 6 Minor Trade Set-Ups

  • Computer & Chart Setup

  • Indicators—Do’s & Don’t

  • Custom Indicator Review

  • Open Live TRADE (demo)

  • Chart Examples

  • Position Management

  • Futures Contracts

Day 2

  • Close overnight TRADE

  • Open a new TRADE

  • Live Trading & Chart work

  • Position Management Pt 2

  • Scanning the Market

  • Finding Setups in the Markets

  • Risk Management

  • Psychology & Mindset

  • Profits & Losses

  • Money Management

  • Orders Entries & Exist

  • Stop Orders & Trailing Stops

  • Brokerage Platforms

  • Putting it all together

  • Close open TRADE

  • Q & A

4 Mo. Coaching

  • Live weekly ZOOM call

  • Review Watchlist

  • Review active trades

  • Review new trades

  • Review Stocks 

  • Review Commodities

  • Review Forex

  • Review Joe's weekly chart work

  • Review students weekly chart work

  • Futures opportunities

  • Options opportunities

  • Stock opportunities

  • and more...

6 Figure Trader 2 Day Bootcamp Starts:









6 Figure Trader Is A Comprehensive Training Program

The 6-Figure Trader is a world-class comprehensive training event that aims to capture the big moves in the Stock, Futures, Options, Forex, and Crypto markets.  This training provides you with all the necessary tools to be profitable in your trading endeavors.  You will not only learn how to identify setups for the big moves but also the rules of the game to scale your profitability. I will lead you in several LIVE trades during these sessions and personally coach you in the days, weeks, and months following.   If you have been searching high and low for a profitable trading system, then look no further! 


“6-Figure Trader For Financial Advisors"


Kickstart your trading success with this action-packed webinar.  I will give an overview of my highly acclaimed 6-Figure Trader course and how you can join the LIVE sessions.

  • Secret 1 -Leverage Your Current Skillset: Institutions manipulate price action on wall street. Now you can identify their moves and join in with them creating six figure trades.
  • Secret 2- Follow The "Smart Money": Institutional Manipulation creates major opportunities.  Trading along side "Smart Money" is like having a built-in ATM machine in your office that creates cash flow. This can pay for marketing, business development, expansion, etc.
  • Secret 3 - Make The MOVES before the crash: Learn how to analyze the market for yourself! This allows you to stay ahead of price moves that affect your clients and yourself. This will separate you from the competition.


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The 6 Figure Trader is an advanced trading program.  This program is best suited for financial advisors or business owners who gross over a million dollars a year.  Catalyst Wealth Coaching, Joe Casey, and affiliates make no guarantees regarding your trading success.  Results will vary from individual to individual. Some restrictions and limitations may apply.  Please see the 6 Figure Trader Terms and Conditions for more details

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